About Re-evolution

Working together to develop a new approach to community and sustainability; re-evolving our relationship with the planet.

Re-evolution is a group of families and individuals who have come together to share their skills, passion and experience to facilitate the development of low impact housing solutions and a working community.

We find and create practical, accessible solutions to address the issues raised by the quest to be ever more sustainable in the modern world. Living a low impact lifestyle and pushing to become climate positive is something we are all passionate about. We are aiming to produce a blueprint that other burgeoning communities can follow and evolve.

Our members come from varied backgrounds: horticulture, electrical and solar engineering, plumbing, events organisation, business management and administration, sports massage therapy, yoga, pilates, silversmithing, retail…
We are parents and children, individuals, couples, colleagues and friends.
We want to show that it is possible for everyone to live a more earth friendly, climate positive lifestyle no matter what your work background or your financial means. All that is needed is the drive to succeed, a strong community to support each other and a clear vision.

We will look to experiment within our community and provide a test environment for new ideas and technologies. Facilitating our evolution into a carbon neutral, carbon negative and then climate positive environment and to then share this experience and information with other communities and individuals.

We must revolutionise the choices we make and continually adapt and grow with our ever changing planet so that we are all able to benefit in an earth positive way.


Re-evolution has been given the opportunity to develop over a hundred acres of farmland in Norfolk, East Anglia, UK.
Our intent is to create a completely self sufficient, climate positive off grid community which will enable us to formulate a blueprint for others to grow or advance their own community.

Our mission is to provide low impact housing solutions for our members and a community centre. The community centre will be a place for workshops and skill shares, enabling people or groups to share their knowledge, creating a place where people can come and sample projects the community is undertaking and workshops it has to offer. It will be a centre for learning, creativity and personal development.
As a green self-sustaining community we will construct all our own low impact communal buildings and dwellings. All power will be sourced from renewable and green sources.
Refuse/reduce/re-use/repair/recycle within a circular economy as far as possible to limit our impact on the earths resources.

Growing our own food with pesticide free and nature friendly methods. Reestablishing the relationship between our food and our ecosystem, encouraging the beneficial natural balance of flora and fauna in our environment.

To be a community where all members have equal rights and opportunity.
To encourage each other to learn, grow and thrive. To recognise and appreciate each other’s different skills. To support each other in our family network.

How can you help?

We are seeking both financial and material contributions to help us to continue to develop our mission.

Our refuse/reduce/repair/re-use/recycle circular economy ethos welcomes many broken or end of life objects – If we can breath new life into something we will!

Any contributions, advice or assistance are greatly appreciated by the Re-evolution family.